Happily Exhausted


Happy Mother’s Day mamas! I hope you were able to sleep in, wake to a clean home, and a bunch of wet kisses.

Or maybe you were up early for work, the house looks like a bomb went off, and your teens refuse to give you some love.

Whatever your day looks like, know how dang special your motherly heart is.

You know that motherly heart that leaps when you see those double pregnancy lines.

Your motherly heart that grows the moment your sweet baby is placed in your arms for the first time.

The motherly heart that didn’t know exhaustion existed like those sleepless nights. 

The motherly heart that worries during the night whether the fever is from teething or something more.

The motherly heart that melts when those giggles are uncontrollable. 

The motherly heart that bursts with joy seeing those little feet walking.

The motherly heart that wonders if she’ll survive toddler years.

That motherly heart that barely survived the teen years.

The motherly heart that researches every school option.

The motherly heart that wipes tears of disappointment.

The motherly heart that guides.

The motherly heart that dreams of alone time.

The motherly heart that teaches forgiveness and forgives.

The motherly heart that is shocked by how it went by all too quickly.

The motherly heart that worries if she is enough.

She is enough. 

You are enough.

You weren’t given that motherly heart to be anything less than enough.

It is what comforts, nurtures, supports, and protects your greatest gifts you will ever receive. 

Hold that motherly heart with confidence and peace knowing that you are by far enough.







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