We live in a college town with many young families, many well established homes, and many students from all over the world. Our kitchen window faces out onto a main road and throughout the day I see all sorts of people walking by. Older couples enjoying their daily walks, groups of university students heading to the beach and enjoying this time in their life, and many, many young parents pushing a stroller. 

But a couple months ago, I noticed a young woman in particular. It was probably the waddle that caught my attention the most. You know that waddle you do when the baby is so low you have to kind of walk with your legs apart. And even though you know it won’t happen, with each step you’re thinking this baby is about to fall out of me. 

Anyway, she was beautiful and glowing and I loved watching her rub her belly while she waddled by just about everyday. Then I didn’t see her for a bit. 

Then one late morning I saw her and she wasn’t waddling anymore! She was pushing a stroller! I truly wanted to run out and congratulate her, but I’m pretty sure that would be what we all call weird. 

As I watched her go by though, my smile started to fade because of the look on her face. Her eyes were tired yes, but it was a face of being overwhelmed. Now, it could have been a myriad of things that were concerning her, but my mind began to wonder what it would be like to be a first time mom in 2020. 

Besides the obvious stress of our world falling apart right now..haha. Joking. Kind of.

When I became a mama in 2009 Instagram wasn’t around. Pinterest wasn’t around. Blogs were really just starting to become a thing and even then it wasn’t like it is today. 

One of my greatest dreams had become a reality. I WAS A MOM!

I didn’t have the world being shoved into my face on how momming should be done.

I didn’t have picture perfect little squares showing me the expensive clothes my newborn needed.

And I certainly didn’t have 18,352,423 videos to watch showing me a Day in the Life of how I lost the baby weight in a week, am breastfeeding without a problem, keeping my house in tip top shape all while running a business, and being the most loving wife.

You get the idea.

She was a piece of heaven and 11 years later still is!

Now, I know we all want a beautiful nursery, adorable clothes, and awesome baby gear. It’s fun and exciting! 

But my gosh, don’t let these things take away the joy of your motherhood. 

Do you remember being a newborn, baby, toddler?


But your mama does. And I bet her heart swells when she thinks of those times.

Those sleepless nights when you just wanted to sleep on her, the blowout diapers and how she just threw away the onesie because it truly was that bad. When you learned to crawl and she just about died from cuteness overload. Or when you said mama for the first time and all that hard work paid off. 

Oh my heart!

Motherhood is messy, tender, exhausting, full of growth, second guessing, and all the emotions. 

Motherhood is NOT money, perfection, or having it all together. 

Those are lies and do not believe them for second or feel you have to live up to them.

All that sweet baby needs (besides the necessities.) is you. 

When I learned what true exhaustion meant, haha! Happily Exhausted had begun!

And whether that “you” comes with..

..a soft belly or slimmed right down tummy.

..sore breasts or holding a bottle.

..crying from exhaustion or pushing through it just fine.

However you are, it is mighty perfect for your child. And that my friend, is the only perfection in motherhood.