We ventured out this week in hopes to find a new park or something of the like. I randomly drove around our area and hit the jackpot! This has become our new favorite place.


Checking it all out.


So happy to have each other.

that tongue ^^ always sticking out.

I can’t get enough of that face!! She is such a fun baby and loves keeping up with her siblings.

Eva wasn’t quite sure of the swings.

She decided she liked them, yay!

And then quickly changed her mind!

Watching them all swing and laugh together, I had a moment of THESE ARE ALL MY KIDS!! I love it!

There is a fun trail that runs through the woods.

My nature girl wanting to document everything she sees.

^^ I love people who take time to talk with my kids. This man taught them all about wild onions^^

Can you spot the turtles? Apparently, North Carolina has wild turtles! Not as big as the sea turtles in Hawaii but perfectly little and cute.


This picture is blurry but I love it because it shows Samuel with “Sammy’s stick!”


I’m so happy we happened upon this place! Just in time for spring and summer!