My sweet baby girl turned 5. When my other three turned 5 it was such a big deal to me, but she has seemed like a 5 year old to me for a long time.

She is such a kindhearted little thing. She loves her siblings and hardly ever wants to play by herself. She is an amazing big sister and I often catch her telling her little sisters they are so cute and giving them kisses. Grace is starting to get some sass, so now there is more parenting on our end of helping them work through things, but they love one another something fierce.

Eva is obsessed with elephants, music, and flowers. Paul and I got her a jewelry box that plays music when opened, and my mom got her an elephant stuffie. Those two things are in her arms all day and right by her bed at night.

I love seeing the different things that bring my children joy.

As for her birthday it was all about whatever she wanted. We do not do school on birthdays, so it is usually one big day of fun.

I love having each of my babies spoiled on their special day. By the time they leave the house, if they know deep inside of them that their papa and mama adore the heck out of them and that they’re dang amazing, capable of so much- I’ve succeeded in my book. 

The day started with her choice of waffles with whip cream and strawberries. YUM! 

Then immediately presents had to be opened. Chloe did a cute treasure hunt for her to find her presents, which Eva loved.

The day was filled with all the things Eva loves. Games, a picnic, and a movie she was dying to see. 

Originally, we were going to make cupcakes, but her big sisters suggested a Candy Land cake because she loves it so much. She was thrilled and I agreed and sent Paul to the store for 3 different candies. Three. 

He came back with more than three as you can see and before I realized what was fully happening all the candy was on the cake.

Oh well, they had too much fun creating this together and I hope the memories are just as sweet!

candle blowing

There is a tradition in our family that our kids cannot turn 5. If they don’t blow out their candles on their birthday cake they are 4 years old forever. This is all according to Paul, hahaha. Sure enough, he got the candles that don’t blow out. Her siblings tried helping her so that she could “turn 5,” but to no avail. She giggled and thought her papa was pretty silly.

Happy Birthday, Eva! You’re kind, helpful, sooo inquisitive, and gentle. We love you!!