During Easter dinner we asked our children what they love about Christ. 

Munka # 3: “That He died for us.”

Munka #5: “I love to give Jesus hugs and kisses.”

Munka #4: “That He is so kind and helps people.”

Munka #1: “That I’m alive and can live again.”

Munka #2: “That I can repent and He suffered so much for us.”

I enjoyed looking at each of their faces while they happily talked of Him and hearing what they felt. Their little seeds planted on the love of Christ, that I pray with all my heart, will blossom and grow throughout their whole lives. 

I love the scripture, “And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.”

Whenever I’ve read that verse before I’ve thought of my own husband and my relationship, but when I read it now I think of my love for Christ.

Does my time serving Him seem long and drawn out? Or am I glad in my service because I adore my Savior so much? The One that gave me so much? 

When He calls upon me to help others am I annoyed, or do I rejoice that He’s trusted me? 

Is my love conditional and do I allow it to be diminished by my circumstances?  

My whole childhood and young adult life, whenever I prayed about something I was always given guidance, or the desire of my heart quickly. I thought this is how it always worked.

Then came a time when I felt like my pleas were unheard. I became hardhearted, frustrated, and annoyed. The only thing that pulled me out of that pit was my love for Christ and allowing myself to feel His love for me. 

President Thomas S. Monson said, “True love continues to be an outward expression of an inward conviction.”

It is through daily prayer, daily gratitude for Christ, and striving daily to live as He lived, that our love deepens.

It is action that turns to conviction in our whole being. We will want to make the changes in our lives when we come to know Him and love Him.