I feel so intimidated by this. Sharing my love for Christ and our Heavenly Father. Not because I’m embarrassed or ashamed, quite the opposite really. But opening your heart about something that is so dear to you can seem a bit overwhelming.

I’ve always know God was real. Always. I see it as a huge blessing because having that knowledge has seen me through my darkest times and brought me to my knees out of gratitude during my greatest. 

As a child I could feel God’s love for me and in my deepest of hearts I knew He was there. It made and still makes perfect sense to me. I have a Father in Heaven who loves me. Endlessly.

But that wasn’t always the relationship I had with Christ. I can remember as a teen having respect for Him and believing in His salvation, but that deep connection wasn’t there.

I felt like if I was in a room with Heavenly Father I could talk and laugh with Him, but with Christ I would feel awkward and not know what to say next.

It wasn’t until immersed myself in the Book of Mormon ,which greatly testifies of Christ, that I’ve come to know Him. 

I always thought you only need Him when you need to repent. When you’ve screwed up and have the beautiful gift of repentance. But that isn’t the case! We need Him daily! We need Him when our burdens are too much, when our hearts are broken, and when we see the changes we want to make in our lives.

Christ is my strength, my peace, my joy. He brings calm into a world of chaos, guidance where there is distractions, and purpose to my everyday. 

I hope you feel Him in your life. And if you haven’t felt Him or don’t anymore, ask Him to be in your life. Open that door and let Him enter.